Our Services
Stakeholder Engagement
We help clients engage other people in their organization in the refinement and execution of innovation strategies.
Innovation strategy and service blueprints are critical ingredients to illustrate what the future of the organization may look like. But where the rubber meets the road is in engaging people inside — and sometimes beyond — the organization to turn aspiration into reality. Our focus with this work is in creating white space that welcomes the input of all stakeholders, making the rollout of strategies much more meaningful than slide decks and laminated summaries.
Engaging the Entire Workforce in Refining the Strategy
Our client, the President of the Chicago office of a global communications marketing firm, wanted to engage a workforce of 400 employees with his vision for the next chapter of the office. The client was focused on how to unveil the strategy at an annual all-staff meeting. We insisted that rather than sharing a polished strategy, this should be presented as work-in-progress, inviting everyone to engage with its refinement. After the session, we prepared over 20 employees to deliver small, ongoing sessions around specific topics, that people could sign up for as contributors. The annual employee survey showed significant improvements in questions related to employees’ understanding, engagement and ownership of the vision and strategy for the office. More importantly, people at all levels embraced the values and behaviors espoused by the strategy.