Our Services
Service Design
We work with clients and consumers to understand, evaluate, design and deploy services that deliver delightful and memorable experiences when and where it matters most.
We deploy the following tools and capabilities when designing services:
  • User research: Interviewing employees and customers, observing services in the field, and conducting survey research.
  • Customer journey maps: Mapping the phases of the journey from the customer’s point of view. This includes pain points, pleasure points, touch points, and moments of truth.
  • Service blueprints: Depicting the backstage and behind the scenes systems, partnerships, processes, and technology that enable the delivery of services.
  • Service execution: Driving the development and organizational change necessary to turn blueprints into real, tangible services.
Building a New Certification Process for a Professional Association
Our client, a professional association in the information sciences sector, needed to improve their certification process in order to maintain their position as a global leader in the industry. To do this they needed to understand the process from the perspective of an IT professional seeking certification. To understand the current certification process we conducted interviews with employees at the association, reviewed customer satisfaction data, audited the website, and participated as an applicant taking the exam in a real testing environment. We used this information to facilitate a customer journey mapping workshop with key stakeholders in the association.