Our Services
Training & Coaching
We teach you what we know. Our training programs provide teams with the frameworks and resources needed to lead innovation efforts — from securing executive intent to executing on-the-ground projects.
Our current training offerings include:
  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design
  • Strategic Facilitation for Leaders
  • Research Methods and Insights Training
  • Assessing Capabilities with the Humanizing Innovation® Index
These trainings range in length from half-day seminars to three days. Participants receive educational manuals and a certificate of completion. In addition, we also deliver training throughout the course of projects, with short training interventions to kick off each phase of work.
We are always open to developing new curriculum, tailor-made to fit your current innovation challenges. Contact us to learn more.
Leveraging Strategic Facilitation to Drive Cross-Functional Engagement
A client in the manufacturing space approached us with a need to make cross-functional teams self-sufficient at facilitating working sessions that required all team members to collaborate in framing and solving complex challenges. Initially, we were asked to facilitate intent sessions to ensure that the cross-functional teams had clear, shared goals when kicking off projects. Once the value of this approach was proven, we put together a custom program in Strategic Facilitation that empowered internal leaders to design and facilitate sessions around complex challenges with diverse teams. Driven by senior executives, facilitated intent sessions have become a requirement within the business unit. For many teams, this approach has eliminated the waste and frustrations that were previously created by misalignment in goals and expectations, which often wouldn’t be resolved and led to a high rate of project failures.