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Innovation Assessment
We identify enablers and blockers of innovation, proposing clear courses of action to ensure that innovation efforts receive adequate support and resources.
Leaders who want to create internal innovation capabilities usually start by focusing on hiring, training and supporting key initiatives. However, there are many internal forces that play a role on the organization’s ability to innovate — and often these forces are not obvious to the leaders who are championing innovating. Our Humanizing Innovation® Index helps leaders identify the right forces to focus on.
Preparing an Industrial Supplier for its Next Chapter of Innovation
By the time he engaged us, the Director of Innovation within an industrial supply company had been leading innovation efforts for two years. He was pleased with the number and variety of ideas in the pipeline, but was wondering whether the organization had the right capabilities and governance in place to move ideas forward. Our approach included interviews with members of the innovation team and the innovation governance board, an in-depth review of the ideas pipeline and activity for the past two years, and a benchmark of best practices in key areas of interest based on secondary research. The end result was an innovation scorecard. This scorecard highlighted specific areas where the company had or had not progressed at the desired pace. It also included a point of view along with a point of view about why these areas weren’t progressing as desired. More importantly, we identified blind spots and recommended actions for improving innovation.