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Our Services
Innovation Strategy
We help senior leaders craft a shared narrative to guide the future direction of their organizations and identify areas for long-term growth.
An increasing market complexity and speed of change forces leaders to take constant and timely action. Our approach engages leaders in powerful discussions where, rather than trying to predict the future, they feel empowered to create the future they want to bring to life. The result? Long-term strategies guided by the values of the organization and the leaders’ shared vision for the future.
Setting up a Global Innovation Hub in Europe
The CEO of a bank and wealth management firm with a global footprint asked us to assess the current state of innovation and create a framework for the application of human-centered design methods in the design and implementation of internal solutions. We facilitated a two-week design sprint with senior leaders to co-create a strategy and vision for the innovation hub, determine the capabilities needed, and identify potential challenges to address. This design sprint consisted of full-day workshops every other day, with the facilitator using the day between sessions to document outcomes and prep. In addition to providing introductory training in Design Thinking to the leaders of the Innovation hub, the design sprint delivered an engagement model to attract and service other parts of the organization through the use of design methods.